What are the most important links for SEO

What are the most important links for SEO

What are the most important links for SEO ?

1. Social media

2. Social networking has become an extremely popular channel for business owners to connect with their customers. Social media marketing provides businesses with a chance to build brand awareness and make connections at a reasonable price. This allows business owners to reach out to potential clients who may not otherwise have heard about them.

3.  Google+

4. Google+ is a social network that competes against Facebook and Twitter. Business owners can use this tool to create great content for their website. When people share these articles on their Google+, they will help drive traffic back to your site.

5. Link building

6. Link building is an online activity where a business owner promotes his/her website by requesting other websites to link to him/her. In exchange, the business owner gives credit to the linking site for directing visitors to its own site. Many business owners don't realize that building backlinks can improve how search engines view their website.

7. Backlinks - Links from other websites back to your site should help boost traffic.

8. Content - A steady supply of quality content will lead to higher rankings in search engines.

9.  Domain Authority (DA) - DA reflects trust among Google's algorithm. Higher DAs are better though not always necessary if you have good content.

10.  Keywords - If you want to rank well for certain keywords use them often throughout the website. Try not to over optimize since this makes search engine algorithms think your site is spamming the web.

11. Social Media - Share information about your business/products through social media channels. This will increase awareness and help build relationships.

* Link Building

* Content Marketing

* Social Media

* Blogging

* Local Search

* Video Marketing 

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